Founder Samantha, and her sister Natalie, lost their mother when they were just little girls. Nancy, their mother, was a mid-wife.  Samantha remembers her mom coming home from work and telling her all about the new babies she delivered each day. Years later, starting a baby and child collection seemed natural to Samantha after she left her job at a major fashion house in New York City. Samantha wanted to create a collection that provided the comfort and quality that every new baby deserves, but also has a sense of style for mom. Their mom had classic style, even in scrubs she would have on beautiful earrings, designer shoes complimenting her wild brown hair. The name Sammy + Nat is a tribute to their mother. After all, these were Nancy’s two favorite babies. The nurses called her the “Midwife of Madison”. She was a woman with style and she was a woman that cared. We at Sammy + Nat will continue to do the same in her honor.

We set out to create staple pieces in the softest, safest fabrics for the little ones in your life. Our hand-sourced pima cotton adjusts to your baby's temperature, keeping them dry, comfortable and smiling. Classic silhouettes in soft hues and clean lines mean it's easy to mix, match and head out the door

Our cotton is naturally hypo-allergenic, ideal for babies who are sensitive to allergies and prone to skin irritation.

Our pima cotton is from the earth. Its seeds are harvested by hand and cultivated in excellent growing conditions, found only in the coastal valleys of Peru. Seed by seed, this artisanal process results in smooth, silky-soft fabrics that stand the test of time. BETTER WITH TIME. With every wash, the softness only gets softer, lasting 3x as long as any other cottons.

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Imagine an apparel brand that captures the magic of childhood adventures, where each garment is made with love and attention to detail. A brand that celebrates adventure and the beauty of Nantucket island. Meet Nanducket, the children's clothing brand inspired by the heartwarming tale of a little duckling named Ack. From the pages of the bestselling classic storybook, Ack the Nantucket Duckling, Nanducket was born. Our sustainable and soft, comfy fabrics combined with a joyful color pallette, vintage-inspired designs and hand embroidery to deliver a timeless collection adored by parents and kids alike. We believe in creating limited quantity pieces that are truly special. We are more than just a clothing brand; we are a community of parents who share a love for childhood adventure and magical memories. Our brand inspires kids to be themselves, explore their world, and create moments that will last a lifetime. Waddle this way as we celebrate the spirit of Ack and the joys of childhood.

Piping Prints is a clothing brand from Nantucket Island. We design embroidered seersucker clothing inspired by classic preppy styles for the entire family. All of our clothing is custom designed by Cara Marquis, a Nantucket graphic designer, and mom.